Unmatched Email Deliverability

Did EVERYONE receive your message?

With an average of 21% of commercial emails failing to reach their intended inbox, email deliverability is a critical issue for all online marketers. It’s the foundation of your campaign, and we at Talk Fusion are committed to making certain that you can create it, send it, and forget it.

5-Star Reputation

Talk Fusion is accredited and certified by Return Path, so you can send your Video Emails and Newsletters with confidence. Our stellar reputation and high deliverability rates protect your e-campaigns from being stopped at the doorway.

24/7 Monitoring

With daily reports, minute-by-minute monitoring, and alerts from all major ISPs, Talk Fusion safeguards your mail for seamless delivery.

Simply Better Sending

When compared to the average bulk mailer, our advanced monitoring system gives you a substantial 20% higher deliverability rate. So go ahead, build your perfect marketing campaign, set up auto responders, and show off that customized template because we at Talk Fusion have got your back.

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